Keeping it Simple

For most of us, we respond to stimulation, one of those responses is called hunger. There are many other responses But I won't be dealing with them now as they can be misleading .- later as we explore.

Hunger can be one of three types of signals from the body. It's important to be able to figure them out

  • Thirst
  • Fuel
  • Nutrition

When your really thirsty and your mouth is dry and you feel like you have been licking the bottom of a bird cage, well then that's easy you are thirsty.

This type of thirst is straight foreword.

This next example is a little more subtle, when most of us eat we will have a drink with our meal.

Are you hungry for food or are you thirsty. there is a simple test for this . Drink water and if the feeling goes away then you probably are just thirsty.

Drinking sugar water Is not a way to test this. Sugar is fuel and could be satisfying the need for fuel

Fuel is what is needed to power the body Carbs, Starches, Sugars are some of the familiar forms of food, that provides us with that.

The simplest test for this is check to see if you are overweight, if you are, then you don't need these foods at this time

3500 calories = a pound of fat.

If you use 2000 calories a day and you consume 3500 then in a couple of days you will have easily gained some excess weight. You can see How that weight can creep up on you over the years.


So how do you know When you need Nutrition


This is really easy if you are overweight. You feel hungry, You want food,  your fat, over weight.

You need nutrition it's that simple.

Ever feel really hungry, so you stuff your self  with some mouth watering food, Can't eat another byte.

But your still hungry -  bingo those empty calories you just gorged on did you no favors.

Your body will take all the carbs, turn them into fat, Your thyroid and other glands shut down, cause you don't have enough nutrition, Which are the things you need to repair and create hormones, amino acids, insulin, just to name a few.

How far will your car get with a full tank of gas and no oil in the engine, No air in the tires, no antifreeze in the radiator, and no grease on the wheels. Would you go any where in that car? I would not risk it. We are driving our bodies with out the proper supplies to keep it operating.

This is a poor comparison the car can't fix itself, your body can and we take that fact for granted and stop servicing it regularly.